Miniature Rifles

Perfect Gift
  • Prices include small rifle stand
  • Hunting rifle ( no extra's )
  • Hunting rifle + scope
  • Hunting rifle + scope + silencer
  • Shotguns , Winchester , Muskets, Enfields, ect..
  • Five slot collectors gun rack
Leather gun belts
  • Delivery 4/6 Weeks from date of order
  • Terms 70% with Order Balance on Dispatch
  • All Miniature Rifles are Hand Made and we cannot produce your order under the required time
  • Please do not order if you cannot wait the delivery time.

49cc Quad Bike

2-stroke with centrifugal clutch
Ages 4 to 7

Farm or Patrol Off-Roaders

Well priced - Fantastic 150 cc - Full Range of Jeep - Full Range of Cruisers

  • Engine Displacement 150cc
  • Engine Type 4-stroke OHV
  • Transmission Type Automatic
  • Transmission System Chain Drive
  • Transmission Speed 3-speed with reverse
  • Start Mode Electric Start
  • Ground Clearance 90mm
  • Maximum Speed 80km/h
  • Fuel Tank Capacity 7 litres
  • Fuel Type Unleaded Petrol
  • Front Wheels 4.80 R8
  • Rear Wheels 4.80 R8
  • Brake System Front & Rear Disc
  • Dimensions 2000mm x 900mm x 740mm
  • Wheelbase 1070mm
  • Nett Weight 160kg
  • Colours Army Green, Camouflage, Red, Black Optional

New range of 250 cc vehicles

New range of 250 cc vehicles arriving September

Bosveld Stickers

  • Bosveld Stickers
  • Wys waar jou Hart is

Personalized Dog Tags

Personalized Stainless Steel Dog Tags
We make what you Need

Key Rings

Accessorize your keys with one of these awesome key rings

Cufflinks / Rings / Wrist Bangles

All handmade silver / brass Robbie or .45 firing head

Mug and Coaster

mug and coaster
mug and letting

Custom Hand made coffee mugs
We can do any design ..


WE PROUD TO LAUNCH OUR NEW RANGE OF personalized Hand made to order rings
  1. Send us your ring size obtain from local Jewller
  2. Choose what you want as ring
  3. Send delivery address
  4. deposit 50/ with order
  5. Balance of Pay on Dispatch
Delivery 12 days from date of order

Deep Cycle Battery

100amp Battery

What is the difference between deep cycle and regular batteries? The structural difference between deep-cycle and cranking lead-acid batteries is in the lead battery plates. Alloys used for the plates in a deep cycle battery may contain more antimony than that of starting batteries. The thicker battery plates resist corrosion through extended charge and discharge cycles.

Delivery 12 days from date of order

Leather Rugby Balls

Real Leather Rugby Balls

Custom branded to your specs ..

Electric Water Heater

The instantaneous electric water heater is an innovative way to heat hot water in a facet. Use hot water, regardless of any circumstances! No matter how many minutes the tap is open, the water will remain hot. The water heater has a good combination of power and speed of heating water. Mounted simply, without the invitation of a specialist. The tap-water heater is compact, a little more than a mixer, and heats the water without accumulating it in any container.

Mampoer Kettles

This is stage 1 of the Mampoer fermentation process. Once the process is complete then sieve contents and pour into stainless kettle to produce.

Your home Mampoer
Please note each Mampoer kettle comes with its own serial number
All Mampoer produced my NOT be sold.
This is purely for home use and to make liquor and bottled fruit for home consumption

We will supply with more details of various options with every purchase

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